Why use Fortalis?

Because life's too short to be bogged down with the mundane

4 Great Reasons to Use Fortalis

Sharon Field

Sharon Field Managing Director, Fortalis Ltd

You receive our one-of-a-kind Business Booster System

Take 6 everyday business problems.  Solve them.  Wrap them up carefully into an all-encompassing service and finally, give it a name.  You’ve got the ‘Fortalis Business Booster System’.  Fine-tuned over the years to ensure you can do what you enjoy the most at work whilst we take care of the business…YOUR business.  This is for business owners who hate tedious operational admin. and is unavailable through anyone else…in the entire world.

Never face admin. again

If you hate invoicing, we have developed a system to take care of that.  If you hate common routine customer enquiries we have developed a system to take care of that too.  In fact, the Fortalis Business Booster System has been developed to take care of the majority of regular business operational procedures.  Email, quotations, internal work orders, scheduling appointments & meetings, reminders.  Whatever you want taken care of, we can probably handle it or develop a new way to take care of it for you.

Every single one of your incoming phone calls is answered with a smile

This isn’t a throw away cheap line.  It really means something to us.  How do we ensure people smile when they answer your phone?  Have happy people answering the phone of course. Our operatives [we like to call them Lifesavers] receive well above the minimum/living wage cited by the UK Government for the year 2020!  They enjoy the work and lifestyle balance they want which reflects in their attitude when delivering your work.

Grow your business without outgrowing us

The business model we have developed to give your customers a stable and enjoyable service can easily be adapted to the demands of your business growth.  In fact, we are expecting you to grow.  If you don’t, we don’t either. The Lifesavers working on your business meet the cultural, language and geographical knowledge of your customers.  They are based all over Europe working towards giving business owners the freedom to do what they want to do.  You only live once right?

So just who is Sharon Field?  Here is a little more about me in 91 words…

Family time, Andy, George, Tiffany, Family get togethers, Skiing, Summer sun, Olu Deniz (Turkey), Florence (Italy), Chamonix (France), Winter snow, Mountains, Egyptian monuments, Crisp winter days, BBQ’s, Red wine, Champagne, The Prodigy, Coldplay, Lana Del Ray, Florence & The Machine, Music festivals, Magnum ice creams, Shoes, Flip flops, Camping, Girls nights out,  Friends, Coffee, Pizza, Fillet steak, Pepper sauce, Salad cream, French baguettes and cheese, Strawberries, Jaffa Cakes, Massages, Cats, Swimming pools, Sci-fi films, Crime series, Comfy sofas, Dinner party cooking, Christmas, Driving, Mobile gadgets, Large watches, Palm trees, Sewing, Clarins.


Fortalis are delighted to be accredited with completing the P&Q Challenge.

This challenge is set for the contact centre industry to collectively invent the next generation of operational practice in Performance Management and Quality Monitoring.

The P&Q Challenge is the brainchild of Martin Hill Wilson and has created a Strategic Quality Framework for the next generation of Performance Management and Quality Monitoring in our industry.

Nexidia sponsor the P&Q Challenge – we recommend you find out more here.

Mums and Business Finalist 2014

Sharon has a wealth of knowledge and business understanding in her field. She has so much to offer as a virtual assistant and telephone answering service. Sharon always amazes me with what she is offering and the sound advise that she gives out. Sharon is a well rounded business woman that completely understand the whole aspect of business and process management to get the best out of you and your business.

Terry Murphy

Co Founder Mums and Business

Mums and Business Finalist 2014