If we look at where we are today with the positioning of customer service within our organistions what do we find?

Ask yourself these two questions:
1. How many people here have Customer Service representation at board level in your business?
2. How many people here have Technology representation at board level in your business?

We typically find that the majority of businesses have technology represented at board level and yet a woefully poor percentage have Customer Service or Customer Experience represented in the same way.

The Customer Service Industry exists in a world that is constantly evolving both in the consumer requirements for it, and in the technological advances to address this need.  With this fast rate of technology development and availability of automation there is a vast array of ‘solutions’ on offer from a multitude of technology providers that promise our businesses ‘an edge’.

Our customers are highly connected with personal technology and a hunger for the latest innovation.  It is in this context we need to define excellence.

Increasingly the aspiration to achieve excellence in customer service will be the sole differentiator to business growth. This is ‘why’ we do business, technology is the ‘how’. Customer Service Excellence MUST have its place at the board table.

These technology and automation advances promise what consumers want.  More for less.  Loyalty is no longer a defining factor.  Automation is a way to enable our customers to have a quicker response for lower cost.

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a survey of customer service businesses in 2012 asking what factors will be key in 2020:

  • 55% said service
  • 33% said quality
  • 9% said price

Combine this with the prediction that by 2030 there will be more ‘robots’ than humans in the Contact Centre Industry (scary I know!).  Whatever your view; the current and future role of automation in the contact centre is clear.

In a survey by the Institue of Customer Service of businesses across Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific 83% of businesses believed that no matter what innovations are in th pipeline, customers will always expect some form of personal interaction (Phew!)

Clearly our challenge is to get the mix right between Humans and Machines! After all it is a peculiarly human ability to answer the question of “what is perceived as received?”…

At Fortalis, we are founded on the principle of technology enabling human interaction. Our business model evolved to give your customers a stable and enjoyable service which can easily be adapted to the demands of your business growth. In fact, we are expecting you to grow. If you don’t we don’t either. The customer service professionals (we call them Lifesavers) working on your business must meet the cultural, language and geographical knowledge of your customers. We have them all over Europe working towards giving business owners the freedom to do what they want to do. You only live once right?

Why not find out how we can could help you?