In an article today by  it is reported that the customer service industry globally has finally pulled out of the steep dive towards customer total dissatisfaction.

How are we achieving this?  Much of this is based on the demanding pace of technogical change.  The digital revolution that is collecting consumers who seem permanently attached to their mobile devices.

Digital assistants, machine to machine learning, and self service through apps and website chat are great lower cost ways to deliver transactional services.  Digital services remove the foibles of human intervention and provide standard services with consistency, accuracy and, potentially, ease of interaction (if designed right!) for our customers.

However, along with the pace of digitalisation is the every growing pace of change within the everyday lives of our customers.  Lives are more complex.  Budgeting in households is a critical factor to survival.

According to the ONS statistics for the England and Wales to 2012, 42% of all marriages ended in divorce, with 48% of couples divorcing having at least one child under 16 living with them.  Just this one statistic alone demonstrates some of the complexities and pressures of modern living.

Businesses that do well, are those that understand the modern lives of their customers – who are only human after all!  They build trust through investment in longer term relationships. The engagement of business front line services to the business goals as well as service delivery to their customers is the key to success.

From the Contact-Centre article, the most telling statement is “The index reveals the biggest challenge is around trust with 83% of customers trusting an organisation which they score 9 or 10 out of 10, compared to only 39% of customers who score an 8“.

How can we gain the trust of consumers generally?

My business, Fortalis, is founded on the principle of technology enabling human interaction.  Our business model is designed to give our clients and their customers a stable and enjoyable service that adapts to the demands of both business growth and the contact choices of their customers. Ultimately we believe great customer service experiences that build trust, engage the customer and affirm the relationship are delivered by combinting technology, process efficiency with the transformative experience of ‘human’ intervention.  The thinking, feeling, empathetic, helpful, transparent and effective front line service we all want – after all we are consumers too – right?

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