Do you love to –

  • create new ways to solve problems?
  • break new ground using innovative ways to attract paying clients?
  • meet exciting new business contacts & open fascinating conversations?
  • plan and execute dynamic business meetings?
  • enter unfamiliar, yet provocative, rooms?

We thought so.
Let’s deliver the solution to preserve your freedom.


Effective, dependable and reliable – all the business tasks you probably hate are handled and measured using the “Fortalis Business Booster System”; delivering the results you demand.

It might just make your life richer than ever before.


Omnipresence – The ‘Fortalis Business Booster Service’ will take the strain so you don’t have to. We can be everywhere in your business you are not, or don’t want to be.

Don’t continue to wonder if this is the Lifesaver you’ve longed for.

Fortalis Call Handling

Call Handling

How does the nightmare of missing client calls make you feel?  Remorseful, embarrassed, maybe even as sick as a dog.

Putting the Fortalis Business Booster System to work on your business guarantees you only feel reassured and buoyant; meaning you’re fully able to concentrate on what you’re best at…driving your business forward.

Don’t leave your customer calls to chance. Let Fortalis ensure your customer’s journey with you starts in a way that means they stay.

Fortalis - Customer Data Management

Know Your Customer

Is ‘the devil is in the detail’? No – it’s your customers in the detail of your data!

Higher customer satisfaction, and the resulting higher sales, come from knowing your customer through organising their data.

Make notably larger steps forward through improved decision making when we report back to you on your customer’s journey.

If you want to keep ahead of your rivals, consider allowing Fortalis to hande, maintain and development customer data for you.  You won’t believe the difference it really makes.

Fortalis Lead Generation

Lead Generation

A major ingredient to growing your business is having fresh faces to talk to, as you know.

Fortalis can take care of this for you.  To enable you to do what you love, our tried and tested process will give you constant qualified warm business leads.

To ensure maximum business growth, combine our unique 6-step process to Lead Generation with our Calendar Management and Follow-Up services.

Document Management


How many business documents do you struggle with?  Creation, filling in, filing and retrieval; every business struggles.

To avoid wasting even more unnecessary time on this dull and unproductive admin, consider outsourcing the responsibility.  By making templates, using electronic filing and organising access you’re streamlining like never before.

Fortalis Calendar Management

Calendar Management

How awkward is it missing an appointment?  Can you ever recover the lost credibility?  This usually happens when you’re disorganised and overwhelmed.

Not having an organised electronic calendar system also ensures you’ll miss opportunities frequently.

Fortalis are experts at providing a personal service, not just for you, but your entire team. You receive automated real-time notifications with Calendar Management.

Fortalis Volume Call Management

High Call Volumes

Have you ever been caught out by high incoming call volumes and not been able to cope?  What impression does it leave with the caller?

If not carried out correctly, employing and training staff can be long winded and costly.

However, you can easily handle your fluctuating call volumes by allowing us to answer the phone for you.  Your callers will never know the difference, but you will – considerably.

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Here are some more reasons why you should consider outsourcing your admin.

Fortalis - benefits of outsourcing

The True Cost of Employing Staff can be Crippling

After paying wages you’ll be only too well aware of the headaches of N.I., holiday pay, sickness absence, other benefits, I.T. equipment, pension and work space provision.  It all adds up eating into your profit.  The Fortalis solution will not just save you money on getting the same work done, but our clients are typically 25% more efficient after commencing work with us.

Focus on Profitable Activities

If you’ve got the day to day admin. taken care of it means you’re free to fine-tune the customer facing end of your business…the end that makes you money.

Benefit from our experience and knowledge

Your business can benefit from the knowledge and experience Fortalis.   We work at many levels of customer service and administration across multiple businesses and industries.  Our real-time transparent approach to sharing feedback, recommendations and key business data means you make the right decisions at the right time. This benefits your customers AND your business.

Calls Handled


Docs Create

Data Records


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